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Brett Bernard

     It seems that I've always been building, or rebuilding something.  My favorite toys as a kid were trucks and bulldozers.  I'd hand my father tools while he built an addition to our house when I was 9.  Soon I got greasy up to the elbows, rebuilding the transmission of an Eisenhower era Ford Bronco at 12.  In high school, my summer job was always in construction.  In college my pursuit continued with a double major in Construction Management & Education, leading directly to a job teaching high school Industrial Arts.  At 25, it was time to strike out and start my first General Contracting company in Baltimore.  After about 10 years of residential renovations, I wanted to be involved in larger, historic and mixed use renovations.  ProCor Project Management LLC was founded in 2013 with that goal in mind.  As Project Manager, I'm responsible for multiple sites and phases of construction with teams from various companies.  All facets from the matrix of municipal compliance to delivering completion on time & within budget are part of the job.  Since 2013, total construction under management exceeds $50 million.  

     I love seeing the before and after effect on the neighborhoods where I've lived and worked for 15 years.  These restorations reclaim & resuscitate the heartbeat of the city back to a living, working and breathing space.  I love what I do.  Working with old buildings, making them new again, wires me into the past & future of the Baltimore that we've chosen as home.  

     In some ways, not much has changed...   I'm still just a big kid, building stuff and loving it     

                                                                                                                                                                   ... Brett

     As a project manager, I'm responsible for every aspect of bringing historic structures back to life in the 21st century.  Buildings that were once at risk, are now vital living and working spaces.     Here's examples since 2013. Images tell the story better than I can.  If you insist on text, here's a quick bio.